Monday, November 2, 2015

Sous le ciel de Teheran

It's been cloudy and rainy for the past week or so in Tehran, and I couldn't be happier. One of the things that I miss most about the US is waking up to dark clouds and the sound of rain- the kind of morning where it's so dark that you think it's still 6am, but when you look at the clock, you see it's in fact 8! 

It suddenly got much cooler, and there's been a constant steady drizzle and an influx of oxygen in this otherwise stuffy city that usually leaves you gasping for air. This change of weather has resulted in an increase of the use of a phrase that I used to hear a lot last year at this very time: 

هوا دو نفره است
havā do nafaras, the weather is for two people.

After my class once, I called a taxi to go home, and my student said, "Teacher, why did you call a taxi? Havā do nafaras! I would have walked you home!" 

They say that rainy weather is for lovers, and this phrase refers exactly to that: the romantic image of strolling down the street hand-in-hand with your eshgh, love, under a rainy sky. 

Last Wednesday, it was raining, and I was looking out the window. My coworker came by and said, "Pontia, look at this weather! Havā do nafaras." Then she hesitated. "Do you have anyone for it to be do nafare, for two people?" she finally asked in a not-so-subtle way of being foozool, just ensuring that my status hadn't changed since the last time she asked. 

And just this morning, I ran into a friend. "Skipping class today? Why not? Havā do nafaras...". I can hear almost hear Edith Piaf singing now: Sous le ciel de Teheran marchent des amoureux, hum hum... 


Persian Farsi Language phrase the weather is for two people

♥︎ Pontia 

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