Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Top 7 Persian Slang Words

Teaching teenagers and students in their early 20s gives me the opportunity to hear lots of interesting slang. So here are the top 7 slang words that the cool kids in Tehran are using:

Khafan is slang for awesome or great in Persian Farsi language

as in:

Lionel Messi is a khafan soccer player. 

Saadi has some khafan poems. 

Khaz is slang for uncool or lame in Persian Farsi language

as in:

The iPhone is really a khaz cell phone. Everyone and their mother owns one now.

We can't invite him to the party. He's so khaz- he'll make us look bad. 

If you've heard of javād, this is the same. I've also heard khaze penhān, which refers to a person who is khaz, but actually thinks s/he is cool. Some people tell me this is real slang, others tell me those people made it up. You be the judge. 

Atigheh is slang for old-timer in Persian Farsi language

Another [positive] meaning of atighe is antique. When you call a person this, it's negative, like they are so old and good for nothing. My friend recently called an old professor this.

as in:

My professor gave us a dictation once for an hour during a workshop. He was such an atighe

Oskol is slange for moron in Persian Farsi Language

I love the story of oskol: it's a bird [puffin] that forgets where it has stored its food for the winter. Calling a person this is like calling them an idiot/moron.

as in:

That guy is such an oskol. His language hasn't improved in over 6 months with a private teacher.

Terkundan is slang for having a great time in Persian Farsi language

as in:

Yesterday, our soccer team terkundan. They played really well. 

At the party last night, the DJ terkund! Everyone had a great time.

Shakh is slang for awesome or great in Persian Farsi language

shākh literally means horn. You may remember it from the idiom shakh dar avordam.

as in:

You're lucky to be in that professor's class. He's really shākh.
That girl is the most shākh girl I've ever seen. [here: the most beautiful]

Sooti is slang for a goof or funny mistake in Persian Farsi language

This is kind of like a Freudian slip, except not quite as Freudian as it is slip. It can be a funny mistake or if someone asks you not to make a sooti, they mean not to blow their cover. Sooti comes from soot zadan, to whistle.

as in:

Listen, if anyone asks who this belongs to, it's yours. Sooti nadi!, Don't blow it.

Those are the slang words that I hear the most. More to come...


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