Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Night is Long

I was speaking to my cousin last night when I spewed out my chamomile tea from laughter. She's the type of person we refer to as حاضر جواب hâzer javâb in Persian: she's always got the perfect answer ready like ammunition. She's the kind of person that constantly leaves me wondering, "Why didn't I think to say that." In fact, I wish that during any discussion, I could call her and see what her immediate response would be and then use it. Better yet, I wish I just had her ability. 

Last night, I was telling her about something when she blurted out, "What's with these people!? I hate it when they start complaining before they even know anything. You should have said نشاشیده شب درازه nashâshide shab derâzeh." This is the point at which chamomile sprayed across the room. On the money again. Yes. That's exactly what I should have said. 

There was the Shâhnâmeh-related idiom of how the end of the Shahnameh is pleasant, which basically has the same meaning of not counting your chickens before they hatch. Well, this is the potty version of those. This idiom means that maybe you haven't wet the bed yet, but the night is still young, my friend. 

It comes from the story of a little boy who used to wet his bed every night. One night he goes to bed earlier than usual and wakes up in the middle of the night to find his bed still dry. He tells the good news to his mother who simply responds, you haven't peed, but the night is long. 

This is a very informal and somewhat rude idiom, so please just use it around close, close friends if you must. When in doubt, use the other two. But I do love how this one perfectly captured just how annoyed my cousin felt upon hearing my story. 



  1. I found the story about the boy hilarious, never heard anything like it. Also might I add, I just found your blog since I've only recently developed an interest for learning Persian, and I love it! Hope you keep updating!

    1. Glad you enjoyed and thanks so much for reading :)


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