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6 Things to Buy in Kerman

Almost every city in Iran has something that it's famous for and something typical you should get while you are there. This Nowruz 1395, one of the places I visited was Kerman, and of course I did some shopping to add to my collection of local goods. So just like like I did for Yazd, here are the top 6 things to buy in Kerman.



Pateh پته is a kind of decorative cloth made from wool. The cloth itself is called ariz, wide in Persian. Colorful yarn is then woven onto the ariz in different designs such as trees, birds, paisley, and others. The more design the ariz has, the more expensive the pateh is due to the time it takes to sew these designs. When there is more of the ariz visible, it’s less expensive. Pateh comes in a variety of sizes and colors, but perhaps the most common shape is a large square. I noticed this kind of pateh framed and hung on the walls in restaurants and traditional teahouses across Kerman. 


Giant copper pots. I couldn't help but think how much tadig you could make in these.

Just like Yazd, copper (مس mes) is another must-buy from Kerman. Visit the Copper Bazaar in the Ganjali Khan complex to fulfill all your copper needs.


Zire in a copper bowl

Kerman is arguably best known for its zire زیره, caraway. The bazaar is riddled with zire sellers, and as you stroll through the interconnected passageways, you'll keep catching whiffs of it. I’ve never been a big fan of caraway, but the smell was something different in Kerman- it was very fresh and telling me that I needed to see what the fuss was about. Kermanis sometimes put zire in their breakfast cheese, and it makes for quite a nice combination. Buy zire in the Charsoo area of the bazaar where you will find spices and dried fruits and nuts all around. (Charsoo is basically the intersection of four paths in the bazaar. You can't miss it.) 


Kolompeh and tea

As soon as anyone found out I was going to Kerman, they would say, “You have to try kolompeh.” It’s the local specialty sweet there which is essentially a kind of cookie filled with a minced date and crushed walnut paste. I wasn’t crazy about it to be honest, but the one I had in the Vakil Teahouse in the bazaar was the best, and alongside a glass of hot tea in the afternoon, it really hit the spot. 

Pistachios and Dates

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Pistachios and dates are also well-known in the Kerman province. Dates from the city of Bam are among the most famous- small, dark, gooey, and oh-so delicious. And the city of Rafsanjan is the center of pistachio cultivation in Iran. 

Don't miss these must-buys from Kerman. They will make for great souvenirs or something sweet to remember your Kerman trip by. 

Stay tuned for a post about 2 great Persian idioms related to these special items from Kerman!

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