Saturday, October 22, 2016

8 Persian Slang Phrases You’ll Need in Iran

Adding to our previous list of Persian slang, here are 8 common phrases you’ll need to either understand what locals are saying in the streets or impress your friends and sound like a local yourself.

1. ایول | eyval | bravo

Used when someone does something pleasant, surprising, or exciting. It’s often used in combination with damet garm, literally warm breath or well done

Sound like a local:
!بلیط کنسرت دنگ شو رو گرفتی؟ ایول دمت گرم 
Bilite concerte Dang Sho ro gerefti!? Eyval, damet garm! (You got tickets to the Dang Sho concert? Bravo! Nice job!)

2. پایه ام | pâyam | I’m down (to do something)

Sound like a local: 
.اگر رفتین کوه اخر هفته من پایه ام
Agar raftin kuh âkhar hafte, man pâyam. (If you go hiking this weekend, I’m down.)

3. داف | duff | hot girl

While this is a hot girl, it refers more specifically to the girls who wear a lot of makeup and often have nose jobs.

Sound like a local: 
.تهران دخترهای داف زیاد داره
Tehran dokhtarâye duff ziyâd dâre. (Tehran has a lot of hot girls.)

4. حسش نیست | hesesh nist | I don’t feel like it. 

Sound like a local: 
بریم دربند کباب بخوریم؟
.حسش نیست
Berim Darband kabob borkhorim? (Want to get some kabob in Darband?)
Hesesh nist. (I don't feel like it.)

5. تابلو | tâblo | obvious or standing out in an awkward way

Just like the French tableau, board/picture

Sound like a local: 
!لهجه ات تابلوه که ایرانی نیستی
Lahjat tâbloe ke Irâni nisti! (Your accent makes it obvious you aren’t Iranian!)

6. سه سوت | seh soot | instantly

Literally, three whistles. 

Sound like a local:
.کاری داشتی زنگ بزن سه سوت میام 
Kâri dâshti, zang bezan, seh soot miyâm. (If you need anything, call me, and I’ll be there instantly.)

7. کف کردم | kaf kardam! | I was fascinated/amazed!

Literally, I foamed. 

Sound like a local
!اولین باری که پرسپولیس را دیدم کف کردم
Avalin bâri ke Persepoliso didam, kaf kardam! (The first time I went to Persepolis, I was amazed!)

8. تعطیله | tatile | S/He’s out of it

Of course this can also mean that a place is closed (Muze tatile, The museum is closed.), or that it’s a holiday or day off, as in fardâ tatile, tomorrow is a holiday. Calling someone tatil is like saying their brain is on holiday- they are totally out of it. 

Sound like a local:
.ده بار بهش گفتم گوش نمیده. یارو کلا مخش تعطیله
Dah bar behesh goftam gush nemide. Yâru kollan mokhesh tatile. (I’ve told him 10 times but he won’t listen. He’s totally out of it.)


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