Friday, August 11, 2017

I’m always surprised by the number of Tehranis who have either never heard of Jom’e Bazaar Parvaneh or have heard of it but never been. It’s quite possibly my favorite place in this megacity. And on top of that, it’s located in District 12. What more could a girl ask for?

Friday Bazaar, Parvaneh, Tehran, Iran, flea market
The parking garage of Parvaneh mall turns into a flea market on Fridays.

If you’re in Tehran on a Friday, go to the Jom’e (Friday) Bazaar. (Yes, it’s only open on Fridays. I love it when people ask on their Instagram if they are open on other days.) The parking garage of Parvaneh mall transforms into a flea market of sorts. The first couple of levels are a treasure trove of Persian copper antiques. It’s actually a dream! There are also tons of vintage cameras, phones, record players, records, photos… oh it’s wonderful. As you move on up, you’ll find manteaus and scarves (the best place in the city to buy them if you ask me), home furnishings, rugs, and lovely handmade stuff by local artists. There was a gallery painting I once had my eye on and found it at the Jom’e Bazaar for a fraction of the price! 

antique cameras, jome bazaar parvaneh, tehran, iran, flea market
An antique camera dealer's sign says, "You can't put a price on love."

Shopping here can easily turn into a half-day event (at least), so there’s always some good food to replenish your energy. For something heavier, the buffet area offers different Persian khoresh (stews) with rice. In the winter, you can try the traditional âsh or grab a falafel sandwich. In the summer, there are plenty of refreshing drinks like melon coolers or khâkshir and tokhme sharbati to combat heat exhaustion. There’s also ab-doogh-khiâr (a delicious cold cucumber soup). It’s essentially watered-down yogurt, cucumbers, raisins, walnuts, and plenty of fresh and dried herbs. The last time I was there, it was in giant clay pots and was so beautifully decorated with dried herbs and rose petals that I didn’t want to ruin it! 

ab doogh khiar at Parvaneh bazaar, Tehran, Iran, street food
Ab doogh khiar

My recommendation for visiting the bazaar is to go early to avoid the crowd (and heat in the summer) and take a backpack for your purchases. You can try bargaining a little, but truth be told, haggling is slowly becoming a thing of the past and most vendors won't budge much on the price. I've heard that they offer discounts in the afternoon (don't know for a fact though), but no matter. It's worth going early to get the best stuff and avoid the crowd. 

Where is it exactly?

Take the metro to Sa'adi station and turn right on Jomhouri Avenue

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