8 Persian Slang Phrases You'll Need in Iran

Kerman-Related Persian Idioms

The Night is Long

Top 7 Persian Slang Words

Eating Faloodeh with the Shah

Business and Brothers 

The Language of Honking

Sous le ciel de Teheran

Night and Day: Persian Expressions to Spice Up Talk About Your Daily Routine

Persian-English Translations: A Scene from Paytakht

A 'Very' Important Ezafe

The Things That Don't Translate: Persian Idioms, Part 2

Giving Flowers to the Water- Persian Idiom

3 Delicious Persian Tongue Twisters

Shahnameh-related Idioms and Proverbs

The Humble Iranian, or The Art of Taarof, Part 5

Kashk and Barberries: Food-related Slang

The Iranian Death Wish

Of Mice and Walls

Gestures and Body Language in Iran

The Things That Don't Translate: Persian Idioms Part 1

My Persian Eyes

The Many Persian "Joons"

Stuck in Roodarbaisti

Persian Animal Insults

Persian Proverb

Empty Spaces, Empty Places 

When Persian Eyes Are Bright

Elephant Thoughts and Elephant Farts

Who's the Most Hospitable of Them All?

A Good Omen

The Sacrificial Iranian, or The Art of Taarof, Part 4

The Iranian Traveler

How Can I Thank You? Let Me Count the Ways

Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder (With a Persian Twist)

Iranians are Flowers, or The Art of Taarof, Part 3

I Am Also My Uncle's Uncle and My Aunt's Aunt

Persian Love of Liver

Nothing is Worthy of the Iranian (or The Art of Taarof, Part 2)

The Art of Taarof, Part 1

The Persian Obsession With Soup


  1. Pontia,

    Here's a fun book recommendation for you: "An Etymological Dictionary of Persian/English and other Indo-European Languages". I really like how words and languages are related - especially in ways I never thought of, and this book is full of that stuff. It's a good reference book, but I like to just browse it from time to time.

    1. I love stuff like that too. Thanks for the recommendation, PJ! I'll definitely check it out.


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